: Gemenskapspraktik [May, 2021]

Gemenskapspraktik (Community Practice) is an art- and research practice which is concerned with understanding and developing relationships between humans and other beings and phenomena.

The name “Gemenskapspraktik” is Swedish and derived from the words “gemenskap” (community) and “praktik” (practice). It originates from Gemenskapstjänster (Community Services) which was a project at Marabouparken Konsthall in 2018. Gemenskapstjänster referenced “gemenskap” as in communities of humans and nonhumans and “tjänster”, as in pollination services. Gemenskapspraktik keeps community but replaces services with “practice”.

In Swedish gemenskap is the closest equivalent to community, but gemenskap puts more emphasis on the feeling of being together rather than the fact of being together. Praktik is similar to practice. It can mean both to do something and to learn something.