: Non Flowers [April, 2021]

[Non Flowers, Publication by Thomas Pausz 2021]

Non Flowers is a limited edition book designed by Thomas Pausz and Sam Rees and riso printed in Iceland. Released at Interspecies Futures (IF), an artists books exhibition curated by Oscar Salguero at Center For Books Art, New York, April 16 – June 26 2021, and part of the Interspecies Library at Softcore NYC. Contributors include Erik Sjödin, Dr.Shannon Olsson, Ségolène Guinard and Vikram Pradhan.

Interspecies Futures [IF] is the first survey of bookworks by leading international practitioners from the contemporary fields of bio-art and speculative design who have turned to the book as a tool for the proposal of alternative human-nonhuman scenarios.

Informed by methods from conceptual art, posthumanism, biotechnology, and emerging interfaces, these artists produce documents that defy the borders between fiction and reality. In their hands field guides, lost diaries, investigative dossiers, lab journals, corporate catalogues become portals into multiple interspecies possibilities.