: The Stroller Kitchen [November, 2018]

[The stroller kitchen in transport mode. Photo: Erik Sjödin.]

The stroller kitchen is a mobile wood fired kitchen built using recycled material, including a baby stroller, a rocket stove, and utensils from previous kitchens built within the project We Still Carry The Fire — a project that revolves around mobile wood fired kitchens which provide various opportunities for social interaction and cooking using fire.

[The stroller kitchen set up for cooking. Photo: Erik Sjödin.]

The stroller kitchen includes mugs, plates, and cutlery to accommodate five guests – a number common to Japanese tea houses. The stove that is fitted on the bike trailer is a rocket stove built in the US and marketed with the slogan “For Hot Meals in Hard Times”. The kitchen is also equipped with a small hand-forged Swedish axe use for making kindling and chopping wood as well as various utensils for cooking food.