: Reforestation in Iceland [October, 2017]

[Campfire in Iceland. Photo: Erik Sjödin]

This unassuming fireplace and the surrounding forest are actually quite special. Only a mere 1-2 percent of Iceland is covered with forest, which provides for relatively few forest camp fire spots.

Reforestation on Iceland, Summer 2017

[Reforestation site in Iceland. Photos: Erik Sjödin]

When human settlers first arrived to Iceland in the 9th century they cut down all the forest that was there in the first two three hundred years, to clear land for grazing and cultivation, and to use the wood for fuel and construction.

Forests on Iceland haven’t recovered anywhere near the 25-40% that used to cover Iceland before the settlers came, but they are slowly growing because of reforestation efforts started mainly to help agriculture by stabilizing soils and reduce desertification, and for timber production. The official goal is to reach 12% forest cover by 2100.