: A Fire At Munkebryggen [December, 2011]

A Fire at Munkebryggen 2011

While warming themselves around the fire at Munkebryggen in Bergen, Norway people shared stories related to fire such as for example that in South Africa it is a common belief that the smoke turns towards those that have a negative mind, in rural Thailand it is common to get together and cook rice balls over open fire when the electricity goes out in the evening, and that the best way to put out a fire is to sprinkle, not pour, water on it. 

A Fire at Munkebryggen was realized at Munkebryggen in Bergen (NO) in December 2011, during a performance evening arranged by artist Annika Eriksson and students at Bergen Academy of Art and Design. The fire was made with permission from Bergen fire and harbour departments, in an oil barrel modified with the help of artist Markus Moestue.

NOTE: It is generally not permitted to make fires in densely populated areas or during hot and dry summer months. Before making a fire: 1. Check with the fire department if it is allowed to make fire. 2. Don’t make fires if it’s dry and windy. Fire can spread rapidly. 3. Always have fire extinguishing equipment close by. 4. Always be at least two persons, in case something should happen. 5. Make sure you can call for help if there is an accident.