: Making Honey Brew [August, 2011]

[Making Honey brew at DKTUS, August 2011. More photos on flickr.]


8 litre water
500 gr honey
500 gr brown sugar
3 lemons
2 rhubarb stalks
10 gr yeast

Peal and slice the lemon, remove the white under the peel. Cut the rhubarb in pieces. Poor boiling water on top of the sugar, rhubarb and lemons.

Let everything cool down to 35C, add the honey and yeast.

Mix well so that the honey melts. Let it ferment for one day. Poor it into bottle with some raisins in and keep them cool for four days. Don’t fill the brewing container or bottles all the way up, and don’t screw the lids on tight. Otherwise the bottles might explode or overfill when the brew ferments.

Source: Svenska Österbottens Biodlare / FBF-s folder HONUNG

Making the honey brew at DKTUS was part of the preparations for The Beekeeping Society in August 2011.